Sharif Waked

born 1964 in Nazareth,
lives and works in Nazareth and Haifa.

Waked studied art theory and philosophy. The artist confronts current political issues, especially in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His artistic practice revolves around the themes of power and oppression, often revealing his ironic approach.

“Chic Point” is a record of a performance that adopted the form of a staged fashion show. Each of the garments was designed to bare, partly or completely, the bellies and waists of the men who wear them. Thus, the action refers ironically to the way Israeli check point officers conduct security checks on Palestinians who are required to raise or even take off their clothes to prove that they carry no weapons. The clothes are absurd, impractical, while the unveiled bellies and chests make the man on the catwalk helpless and vulnerable.

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