Saba Innab

born 1980 in Kuwait,
lives and works in Amman.

Visual artist and architect. In her practice, she explores the suspended states between temporariness and permanence and is concerned with the variable notions of dwelling, building, and language in architecture. Participant in many international exhibitions, such as the Hiwar in Darat al Funun in Amman, 2013. Graduate of the experimental educational programme Home Workspace Project in Beirut, 2011-2012.

“How to Build Without a Land” is an ongoing project that revisits the relationship of construction and land to time, to temporariness that gradually transforms - or deforms- into durability. Referencing the Palestinian cause in particular, but also human alienation in general, the work recognizes the impossibility of construction without land as self-evident. However, imagining such a possibility may be essential prerequisite to effecting long-due changes in architecture and politics. The project is composed of several elements which construct together a spatial narrative: a map - untitled - based on Google maps of Jordanian, Syrian and Lebanese frontiers with Palestine, the text that accompanies the drawings which deconstructs the etymology of the word “Dwell” in Arabic and the wooden models depicting mutation of time between the “still and the moving” in temporariness.

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